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You won’t believe what they are saying until you’ve seen it for yourself

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  • A personal, small group tour to the most beautiful and breathtaking places in Scotland?
  • Access to stunning locations that ordinary coach tours cannot reach?
  • A truly memorable Scottish experience?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES, then a Tiny Tartan Tour of Scotland is right for you. Simply tell us when and where you’d like to go and we’ll take care of the rest. Contact us today to check availability for your chosen dates…

They said it was majestic. I saw the look in their eyes as they gazed out over views stretching up to 120 miles away. They would breathe in the raw air and smile. I could see their bodies relaxed and exhilarated at the same time. One person asked me to pinch him so he knew he was really standing on Ben Nevis. But he was. And that’s not all.

Reclining back into their luxurious soft seats on our tour bus, we made our way to our next destination. Some wanted to close their eyes and drift away listening to their own music. Others used our integrated personal USB ports to recharge their phones and cameras. They needed to, after all of the photos they had taken. Some people wanted to learn more and asked a lot of questions. And some just wanted to take in the natural beauty all around them and recharge their own batteries, ready for the next experience, which was about to happen at our next stop.

Everyone is Different

I’ve personally welcomed people from all over the world. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s this. They’re all unique. There’s no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ tour of Scotland. Not that works for everyone. It has to be a personal experience.

Some want me to tell them about the history behind the places we visit. And that’s no problem. Others want to explore for themselves and that’s no problem either.

There’s one thing they do all have in common though. They smile. And that’s why I only offer small group tours of up to 16 people. It’s just more personal and friendly. It means that I get to look after each and every guest. That’s important to me. But there’s more.

Easier Than You Think

You might be wondering how these tours work. After all, they’re personal right? Well it’s easy.

Every tour is fully bespoke and tailor made just for you. But you don’t have to do all of the planning. From the moment you contact me, you’ll see just how easy it all is. I’ll help to plan your perfect excursion and take care of all the arrangements for you, making sure you get to see the things you want, in a relaxing and enjoyable way.

When the day comes, I’ll pick you up promptly and courteously from your hotel, airport, port, or wherever else is convenient for you, in your luxurious Mercedes tour bus. Then the adventure really begins! But the best is yet to come.

Surprisingly Affordable

You do have options. You could choose to do all the hard work for yourself. Looking at maps, working out how much time you’ll need, hiring a car or minibus, paying for fuel, plus the entrance fees at visitor attractions and so on. Some times are busier than others, some roads are less scenic than others and some places are just not very accessible. But some people will still try to do it this way, despite the added hassle and responsibility. They’ll do it even though they have little or no local knowledge. Not to mention they often see less and spend more.

Another option is to take a pre-planned coach tour. They leave at a set time, call at all their pick-up points then take you to the reachable tourist attractions and offload you to go your own way for a set amount of time. You’ll be mixed in with a big group of people, each with their own preferences. You’ll fight to hear the announcements and scripted talks they give, no matter how many times they ask if you can hear ok at the back.

I’ve done those tours. That’s why I wanted to offer something different. You see, I value the personal experience my guests receive. So when I first started Tiny Tartan Tours, we had to be the obvious choice to any savvy traveller.

Naturally I was worried that my tours would be too expensive for a lot of people. I mean, they’re fully bespoke, personal tours for a maximum of 16 people. I plan your itinerary, pick you up in a purpose built, kitted out Mercedes tour bus, I take you to some of the most beautiful, scenic spots in the world and make sure all your needs are catered for from start to finish. How could I offer all that at an affordable price and still make a living? But when I ran through the numbers I was in for a shock!

Now I can’t tell you exactly what the cost of my tours are. Each one is bespoke and if I quoted you a price off the top of my head, I might be giving you an unfair deal. But here’s what I will promise. When you contact me for a quote, I’ll tell it to you straight. My best price. It will be enough for me to earn a living, but fair for you. You’ll be pleasantly surprised. And I’m not done there.

Your Guarantee

I’m a man of my word. And I want you to know how much that means to me. So much so, that I’m going to fully guarantee your experience with me. If I don’t do everything I promise to do, if I haven’t earned your money with a memorable and enjoyable experience, because of something I did wrong, I’ll give you every penny back on the spot.

Don’t Miss Out

You’ll understand why my tours are popular and get booked up quickly. And I hate disappointing people. No doubt you’ll want to check the availability of your dates as soon as possible, so that you don’t miss out. Call today on 0131 235 2142. Your adventure awaits.
Richard McKay
Owner | Tiny Tartan Tours

Iona | Tiny Tartan Tours of Scotland

Guests are amazed at the clear waters that Scotland has to offer

“The most scenic and breathtaking views. Isle of Skye was magical and Loch Ness beautiful. Richard was excellent, very friendly and informative. Loved the experience!”
Deepak Kumar, Jaipur | India

The beautiful lakes of Scotland are just one reason people visit

The beautiful lakes of Scotland are just one reason people visit

“Scotland – beyond one’s imagination. A magnificently organized and wonderful experience”
John Strong, Baltimore | USA

The Ring of Brodgar has an abundance of history and heritage to explore

The Ring of Brodgar has an abundance of history and heritage to explore

“We wanted to come to Scotland because we had heard about it’s natural beauty, and it didn’t disappoint! So glad we came and used Tiny Tartan Tours. Can’t wait to come back!”
Mr & Mrs Coleshaw, Salisbury | UK

The Falls of Dochart make a great place to explore on your Tiny Tartan Tour

The Falls of Dochart make a great place to explore on your Tiny Tartan Tour

“Just amazing. Beautiful country and thanks to Richard, an amazing experience too. Thanks so much!”
Julia Sharp, Detroit | USA

Loch Ness is home to mysterious sea monster known as Nessie

Loch Ness is home to mysterious sea monster known as Nessie

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